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Realtor finds use for own empty square feet: Dance space, and launch for arts community — Cambridge Day / Marc Levy / November 1, 2019
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New Cambridge Dance Space Emergency Meeting/Open House — November 1, 2019
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February 4th, 2020


Contact: Dan Marshall, Executive Artistic Director, CCCA (BCCA, Inc.), (617) 642-1444
Media Kit: Click here for complete/up-to-date Media Kit and resources in DropBox.

Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA) Grand Opening

Who: Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA — A division of BCCA, Inc.)
When: Monday & Tuesday, February 10th (3:30 to 9:30 p.m.) & 11th (12 to 11 p.m.), 2020
Where: 500 Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA 02142.
Why: Open house to launch the CCCA at Canal District Kendall.
We are very excited to invite you to the grand opening of the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA), generously sponsored by BioMed Realty at their shared arts facility, at 500 Kendall Street, Canal District Kendall!!  The center will feature a diverse selection of classes and cultural events by acclaimed local artists, in dance, martial arts, fitness, music, and theatre, beginning with 2-days of free classes and events, on Feb. 10th and 11th!  We invite people of all ages and abilities -- There's something for everyone at the CCCA!  During our 2-day open house, you'll be able to experience our cultural programming, and get special discounts for our 2-month Winter session! In addition to the 2 days of free classes in Modern dance, choreography, and improvisation, dance prop techniques, Belly dance, Breakdance, Boxing, Soca, Salsa, and Ballroom dance, the CCCA will offer class passes at special discount (view our promotion).

The phoenix rising is the theme of CCCA's partnership with BioMed Realty, where the focus has been to support artists and organizations that had recently lost their space with the closure of Green Street Studios, the elimination of public dance rehearsal space at MIT, and the closure of Ryles Jazz Club. It is in that vein that Executive Artistic Director, Dan Marshall, created this special 2-month Winter session, to feature mostly artists who lost their spaces, like Hedwige J. Louis and Noche Latina Dance Company, Jessica Liggero, Alex (B-Boy El Niño) Diaz and Jonathan (B-Boy Xcel) Escotto and the Floor Lords Crew, Johara, and Sumati Ram-Mohan. These wonderful local artists, are joined by Kelley Donovan, Circe Rowan, the Boston Butoh Collective Artists, Dan Marshall, Margaux Skalecki, Archie K (Master Tsuji), and other wonderful talents, for a diverse array of classes and workshops, as well as private rehearsals, and special cultural events! This is all the more meaningful, because this pop-up 2-month engagement at Canal District Kendall, marks the BCCA's (umbrella organization for CCCA) first full session of classes, since it had to close its arts facility in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, in May of 2005! Excitement and art is in the air, and you won't want to miss it!

Late in 2019, director Dan Marshall had joined forces with Callie Chapman-Korn, Director of Studio@550, and Suad Kantarevic of AdoEma Reality, to provide a partial solution for the dwindling arts space, by sharing AdoEma's office space at 1036 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, free of charge, with displaced artists, as part of Suad's existing commercial lease. They garnered substantial support from the City of Cambridge and the community, and began providing charitable class, rehearsal, and private lesson space to those displaced by Green Street Studio's closure, but the cultural uses did not fit with the new build owner's long-term plans, so they returned to the drawing board, and were then connected with Salvatore Zinno (V.P. of Development) and Andrea Windhausen (Community Manager) of BioMed Realty, by Vice-Mayor Allana Mallon and Callie Chapman-Korn, resulting in a fortunate charitable partnership at Canal District Kendall. Both Suad and Callie, have remained instrumental and generous in their support of the CCCA, and other local businesses and individuals, like The Core Group's Corey Lawrenson, High Voltage Wellness & Medical Spa's co-owner Omar Wright, Galloway Sheetrocking & Home Improvement owner Lenon Galloway, and Kenrick Tsang, who volunteered of their time together with the CCCA's staff, Denis Yudin, Circe Rowan, and Dan, to set up the arts facility in only 3 days, installing a floating dance floor, Plexiglass mirrors, a revival of BCCA's beautiful Brookline sign (designed and painted by artist Vincent Cortty), an audio system and computer equipment, and donated furniture from AdoEma Realty. The team is joined by talented web development artists at Nix Solutions in Kharkiv, Ukraine, who have been working together with Dan to build CCCA's new website,, which combines a modern and friendly design, with BCCA's powerful database technology (a ground-breaking education web and institution, artist, educator, and student management software and website technology, for artist gainful employment and student reach) -- Online registration is already available for all the CCCA's offering, and the site will be continuously taking shape in the next two weeks, promising something new and exciting, each time you visit online or in person!

Join the CCCA and BioMed Realty in creating a home for the arts. Your presence and contribution will further empower the growing movement to revitalize Cambridge's cultural landscape!

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