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Davide  Roberto
Percussionist, singer, drum circle facilitator and teacher, Davide Roberto is an Ethnomusicology graduate that researched the history and technique of the Italian frame drum. Although largely self-taught, he has studied with maestro Massimo Carano and maestro Fabrizio Aielo.
Originally from Puglia, he now lives in Rome and is a busy performer in, as well as a presenter of, world, folk, and jazz music. Besides performing and organizing events he is equally an educator that teaches percussions and the Italian frame drums.
Notable stage collaborators are: Newpoli (Italy/USA), Reza Mohsenipour (Iran), Hamid Mohsenipour (Iran), Solmaz Peyamei (Iran),Babak Taghikhani (Iran), Ruggiero Inchingolo (Italy), Nando Citarella & Tamburi del Vesuvio (Italy), Gianluca Zammarelli (Italy), Massimiliano Morabito (Italy), Gabriele Panico & Popoli Orchestra (Italy), Redi Hasa (Italy), Antonio Mara (Italy), Ala Bua (Italy), Davide Conte (Italy), Domenico Celiberti (Italy), Annamaria Bagorda (Italy), Marco Madana Rufo (Italy), Massimiliano Felice (Italy), Beppe Capoza (Italy), and the Jazz Musician Paolo Pavan (Italy).
Founder of the band Migala (www.davideroberto.net/migala). Migala combines ethnic musics (Afro- Mediterranean, Balkan, Latin, Irish) with the sounds of the tradition of Southern Italy, in search for a personal interpretation of folk music and world music, in a world that is increasingly considered a "Global Village". With their debut album, "World 'n' Folk Music", Migala won the UK contest "Battle Of The Bands" produced by the World Music Network. The Italian magazine "Rock it" wrote about the album: "A mix of genres that seeks to knock down walls and racial differences in language and dialects [.]; all musical instruments are masterfully played by the members of the band. The music is enthusiastic, engaging, it spreads through your veins, the blood boils and you have to dance. It is as if the sounds of Vinicio Capossela and Banda Municipale would have a coffee with the movement of Taranta Power by Eugenio Bennato."
He currently plays with Zenìa, Mephitis Ensemble, Gimbo, and frequently collaborates with Newpoli.
YouTube (Tamburello video)
YouTube (Progetto Migala)
Affiliation: Zenia, Mephitis Ensemble, Gimbo, Newpoli
Web Site: www.davideroberto.net
E-mail: drdavideroberto@gmail.com