WD091 - Flamenco Dance Technique & Choreography

with Katherine (Kati) Nybakken
Description The adult flamenco student faces two important challenges: a. to internalise the aesthetic and unique rhythms of flamenco music and dance; and b. to master a particular line and movement technique in order to facilitate proper execution and rapid improvement. Flamenco is a complex art form because the music and the dance developed simultaneously on a basis of improvisation, resulting in an important dialog between the musicians and the dancer and an expected formula or structure of each song. The choreography part of the class will address the history and influence of a particular flamenco “palo” as well as its rhythm and structure. The choreography style is modern, but the structure is traditional. In this way, the student discovers how contemporary flamenco respects its roots while evolving in a modern society. Flamenco dance is very demanding on the body and a lack of technique can make it difficult to improve as desired and even cause injuries. The exercises in the technique part of the class have been especially designed to efficiently train and strengthen muscles in order to gain elegance, speed, and precision. The goal is to perform in the way that you imagine yourself dancing, no matter what your personal style is.
Category World Dance
Class Level Intermediate
Class Type Ongoing
Age Type Teens & Adults
Age Range 12 and Up
Notes: Actual class level will be tailored to the participants. Register for both WD090 & WD091 and get an additional $1/class off. April 8th Open House $7 discounted fee for 1st timers. For more information contact Kati at k_m_n_@yahoo.com or (617) 522-9850.

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am