WD038 - Scottish Highland Dance

with Karen Mahoney , Lindsay Page 
Description Scottish Highland Dancing is a celebration of the Scottish spirit. The dances are a spectacular combination of strength, agility, movement, music, and costume. Unlike other dance mediums, Highland dances are generally danced solo and in competition. Dancers typically dance to traditional Scottish music such as Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, and Jigs all played by an accompanying bagpiper. The dances are made up of different parts, called steps, and there are usually four or six steps to a dance. The basic positions of the feet and many movements of elevation used in Highland come from ballet. The dances are great fun and anyone, not just those with a Scottish heritage, who thrills to the sound of the bagpipes can join in and learn the dances. Highland Dancing is a healthy workout for adults and children and is a great way to develop good coordination, posture, and overall muscle tone, not to mention aerobic capacity and strength.
Category World Dance
Class Level Intermediate & Advanced
Class Type Ongoing
Age Type All Ages
Age Range
Notes: Required of all dancers: black leotard (with spaghetti or tank straps), plain shorts may be worn over the leotard, white knee socks or tights, and ghillies or ballet shoes for young beginners. Please call Karen at 617-738-5904 for more information.

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am