WD018 - Salsa 'On2' Technique & Style

with Burju Hurturk , Victor Perez  ,   ( Hacha Y Machete (HYM) )
Description This class is for any student male and female of any level. It’s never too early to learn great technique and style and never too late to refine it. Each class will be broken up into half an hour of styling and half an hour of technique. The styling portion will go over body movements, hand and arm work, head whips, etc. The technique portion will go over drills for refining your leading/following technique, spinning technique, timing for the accurate execution of turn patterns and how to cover up any mess up on the dance floor.
Category World Dance
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Session
Age Type Teens & Adults
Age Range 12 and Up
Notes: New Tuesday Sessions Beginning on 5/20/2003

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am