PR054 - BLVCKFLXG Krump Lab [Onsite]

with Stanley Onyeneho ( Black Flag Dance Crew )



Tuesdays, 8:45pm-12am EST US

About BLVCKFLXG Dance Crew

BLVCKFLXG (Black Flag) Dance Crew is a local Krump crew that has been around for years. Its current members are located in Boston, Atlanta, and New York. This dance session will be open to people of all ages. Patrons will be able to view and participate in Krump This will be an opportunity for Boston’s Krump scene to meet and share with each other, and for outsiders to get a good understanding of what Krump is all about. As one of the newer styles of street dance, Krump has a very short, but rich history. Although there are many common misconceptions of the dance, it is a very unique art form that has been built around a solid foundation. Over the years, Krump has gained increasing popularity both internationally and worldwide. Boston is one if the main hubs for the dance in the states, which makes this a great opportunity to showcase some of our local talent. Instagram
Category Contemporary Dance
Class Level Advanced
Class Type Ongoing
Age Type Adults
Age Range 21 & Up

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am