MU020 - Private & Group Voice Lessons - Italian Bel-Canto Technique for Men

with Yaniv Mintzer
Description Yaniv Mintzer is teaching a unique Italian technique, which originates in the Golden Age of singing in Italy almost two centuries ago. The Bel Canto singers were famous for the rich tone, wide and dynamic ranges and amazing ease in singing. This ancient art was transmitted from teachers to students and so forgotten with the appearance of more aggressive and 'fast-achievement' techniques. Still, it was used y Italian singers, who are role models for singing to this day. Studying with a master of this technique (Mr. Kamal Scott), Yaniv follows the teaching of the great Lamperti, as revived by Mr. Anthony Frissel. This technique is actually not a technique as much as a way of approaching singing in a natural way, as speaking is for us. Through the simple and clear practice method, this technique is aimed at unifying the voice throughout the range – top to bottom. This is done with soft exercises, which provide the student a physical understanding of his/her voice, to a degree that they will be able to count on their body sensations and less on what they hear is being produced. This brings great familiarity with this built-in instrument that is so confusing at times. The technique also develops power and control of the voice, together with great breath power, awareness, and dynamic. The voice grows naturally and is treated with respect, not abuse. The technique is particularly powerful for the male voices and great with children. Come and find out your true voice in a powerful, yet safe technique. Sing in a variety of styles: Jazz, Pop, Folk, Opera ,and Classical. Learn richer tone, larger range, and expressiveness. And have fun!
Category Music
Class Level
Class Type Ongoing
Age Type Teens & Adults
Age Range 12 and Up
Notes: Yaniv specializes in male tenors. For more information & appointments contact Yaniv at (617) 450-9884 (Please mention BCCA.), or

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am