MU011 - Keys for Kids© - Mini Keys 1

with Yelena Gridneva , Inga Magid  ( Keys for Kids© )
Description This is a dynamic first music experience with emphasis on ear training, movement, piano keyboard playing, solfege singing, rhythm training and actual reading of the music. Enjoyment, creativity, and encouragement are stressed through a well-defined and carefully balanced approach. The elements of music are presented to children in such a colorful way that they cannot forget them. The child and parent bond as a music team in class and at home. ['Keys for Kids©' is an exciting, comprehensive group piano/music program, designed to help children discover the world of music through motivating materials and activities. This confidence-building course introduces a well-rounded combination of ear training, solfege singing, keyboard playing, music reading, creativity, ensemble, and rhythm activities. As new musical elements are introduced, they are reinforced through a variety of individual and ensemble keyboard activities. The course also takes advantage of children’s ability to analyze (melodies, harmonies, rhythm, etc.), sight-read, harmonize melodies, play by-ear, and compose. All students perform solos and develop ensemble technique by being part of a keyboard orchestra. Classroom is equipped with the keyboards for each student. 'Keys for Kids©' program expects the best, and gets the best, from every student. The child and parent bond as a music team in class and at home.]
Category Music & Dance
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Session
Age Type Kids & Adults
Age Range 3.5 to 5
Notes: 4-year program. Material fee of $20 payable to instructor upon registration (keyboard included). All cash & check class registration fees paid directly to Keys for Kids. Credit Card transactions are processed through the BCCA. For more information & to register E-Mail Inga at, call (781) 274-9729, or visit

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am