EV960 - The Power of Belly Dancing, Part 3.2 - Between A Musician & A Dancer 1

with Lorraine Lafata ,   ( Sacred Source Belly Dance )
Description Warm up with slow arms, hands and torso undulations leading into an invigorating live music workout where we begin by brining the vibration from inside the earth into our bodies, and letting it roll out into slow moves. Pick up speed and momentum - becoming more staccato until running head long into a drum solo! Finally, cool back down with a slow stretch with the ney and cymbulum, returning the energy back into the earth. (Taught by Delilah & Sirocco) Contact Lorraine Lafata for registration.
Category Event & World Dance
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Session
Age Type Teens & Adults
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Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am