EV038 - Concert: We Shall Not Be Denied [Online]

with . Eureka Ensemble , Brandon Johnson  ( Eureka Ensemble )

We Shall Not Be Denied

An Online Storytelling Concert on Voting Rights
By Eureka Ensemble


Saturday, October 17th, 7:00-8:30pm EST US


Online livestream (link to be shared 24 hours before event)
Broadcast recording hosted by the
Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA)
at Canal District Kendall


We Shall Not Be Denied is a 90-minute online storytelling concert, weaving together the story of the expansion of American voting rights with related music and new visuals.

Concert Program

7:00pm: Speaking Program

A conversation with arts and civic leaders and a performance featuring repertoire tied to each era of voting rights in US history. Speakers include:
Cesar Alvarez, Political Advisor at North Dakota Native Vote
Fredie Kay, Founder & President of Suffrage100MA
Trevor Weston, Composer
Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate, Composer

7:30pm: Musical Program

Each piece ties to each era of voting rights in US history, featuring Eureka musicians and narrators. Ch. 1: Seneca Falls
  • Ileana Perez Velazquez: "Treading a Path with Vision and Hope" for string quintet (world premiere)
Ch. 2: The 15th Amendment
  • Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson: Movement 3 from string quartet No. 1 "Calvary"
Ch. 3: Who Is A Citizen?
  • Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate: "Oshta" for Solo Violin
  • J. Andrés Ballesteros: "Voz de Chelsea" for string quintet
Ch. 4: The 19th Amendment
  • Joan Tower: "Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman #6" for solo piano
  • Florence Price: "Adoration" for string quintet (arr. Elaine Fine)
Ch. 5: The Civil Rights Era
  • Jessie Montgomery: "Source Code" for string quartet
Ch. 6: Voting Today
  • "Why We Sing" with the Women's Chorus
  • "This Land is Your Land", arranged for voice and strings


Matthew Vera & Gabriela Diaz, violins
Noriko Futagami, viola
Alan Toda-Ambaras, cello
Sarah Wager, bass J. Andrés Ballesteros & Anjelica Bethea, narrators Kristo Kondakçi, conductor
Britney Alcine, assistant conductor

Ensemble Biography

Eureka Ensemble

Mission: Eureka Ensemble nurtures social change through music. We engage directly with communities in the greater Boston area affected by homelessness and immigration with a focus on serving marginalized youth. Purpose: We identify an issue facing our community, partner with civic and social organizations, and then join together in chamber groups and as an orchestra to use music to address that issue. The Eureka Experience: Since its debut in spring 2017, Eureka has brought together Boston's finest young professional musicians to thousands of new and returning patrons. Our 2018 flagship campaign "Sheltering Voices", which featured works by female American composers and a choir consisting of women experiencing homelessness, has inspired millions around the world and led to the birth of the Women's Chorus, a twice-weekly program for women experiencing homelessness and poverty in Boston.

Eureka's Sites & Contact Info

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & E-Mail

Pre-Event Special Presentation

This event will be preceded by a SPECIAL PRESENTATION at 6:30pm, with Patricia Wallinga and Sharon Su, talking about the life of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, and their in-progress orchestration of her Sonata in G minor.

Event Supporter

This event is supported by the Voter Protection Corps (VPC). During the event please use the chat/comment function to ask any voting-related questions you may have, and a VPC representative will do their best to answer. Learn more at voter-protection.org
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Kristo Kondakci at kk@kristokondakci.com

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