EV037 - Sole Rhythmics Meetup [Onsite]

with Sammy DJ Savuth , Steven "Rthymz" Garcia  ( Sole Rhythmics House Dance Collective )
The Sole Rhythmics meetup is were the Sole Rhythmics House Dance Collective can get to know each other and dance with one another as a group. DJ Sammy Savuth started this group of dancers to keep the House Dance culture alive in Boston.
Category Contemporary Dance
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Session
Age Type Adults
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This is a private meetup.
Meetup Info: steven.garcia68@yahoo.com or (954) 513-5194

Available Sessions:

Saturday, January 16th 2021
This is a one day long session.

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Saturday 2:00 pm 6:00 pm 1