EV033 - [POSTPONED] My House Is Your House -- Workshops, Sessions, & Dance!

with Steven "Rthymz" Garcia , Sammy DJ Savuth  ( RhythmBodies & Release Your Dance )

❖ ❖ ❖ These dance workshops & sessions have been postponed, due to CDC & government recommendations against public gatherings, while the COVID-19 virus pandemic is being addressed. We hope to reschedule for late spring or early summer. Thank you very much for your understanding & arts patronage. ❖ ❖ ❖

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& Present:

My House Is Your House

A 2-day event filled with workshops by Meech de Paris & Sammy DJ Savuth, HouseDance sessions, and a day party!

Friday, April 3rd, 6 - 8pm, workshop with Meech, all the way from Paris, France!
(Meech de France YouTube Channel, O'Trip House, Ghost Flow Movement)
Meech is an international Hip Hop & House dancer who has won multiple dance competitions around the world — This is one HouseDance workshop you won't want to miss!
And stay after the workshop for a session with Meech (8 - 10pm).

Saturday, April 4th, Release Your Dance Presents: Workshop and Day Party Workshop with Sammy DJ Savuth, Starts at 12pm | Day Party 1 - 5pm

At the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA)

500 Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

❖ Both Days for $40
❖ Meech HouseDance Workshop & Session: $25
❖ Release Your Dance Workshop & Day Party: $20
❖ $1/Day for Kids/Students/Seniors/Public Servants/BDA/DAN/Union members/Veterans
❖ Cash & credit will be accepted for both days or you can Pre-register online.


Parking, Train Access, & Directions:

❖ 2-hour metered parking & 1-hour free parking
❖ Red (Kendall/MIT) station within walking distance
❖ Affordable garage parking (only $10 after 4 p.m. on weekdays, and $12 any time on weekends) at 350 Kendall Street
GPS: Intersection of Kendall St. & Athenaeum St.

Category Contemporary Dance
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Ongoing
Age Type Teens & Adults
Age Range 12 & Up


For dancers of all levels; Food & non-alcoholic drinks allowed.

Online Registration:

Choose 1 of these options from the pull-down menu below:

❖ "Pre-Register - 2 classes" for $40 Both Days ($20/Day) General Admission
❖ "Block 1 - 1 classes" for $25 Meech House Dance Workshop & Session General Admission
❖ "Block 2 - 1 classes" for $20 Release Your Dance Workshop & Day Party General Admission
❖ "Block 3 - 2 classes" for $38 Both Days ($19/Day) Students/Seniors/Public Servants/BDA/DAN/Union members/Veterans Admission

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❖ Event Info: steven.garcia68@yahoo.com or (954) 513-5194
❖ Registration/Venue Info: Dan.Yonah.Marshall@gmail.com or (617) 642-1444

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am