CD178 - Breakin' Fist ™ - The Spirit & Power of Rhythm in Motion

with Jonathan Baez
Description Witness the birth of a new dance/art innovated by Jonathan Baez, Hip Hop flavor and style are the foundation, along with the basics of Kung Fu (Wu Shu). Jonathan has learned Breakin'/B-Boying from Lino Delgado, President of the Floor Lords, and studied with Paul Rosado "Iron Dragon" sifu of the Boston Chinese Kick Boxing Club. The combination of Hip Hop dance, Breakin'/B-Boying, martial arts, and gymnastics, is exactly the way it sounds - increadible! The dance/art was naturally developed though feeling and self expression by practicing different dances and martial arts. Inspired by Kung Fu cinema and action films, it made sense to pioneer a new style of martial arts choreography because that was the only way to be unique. Come in, relax and explore different worlds through martial arts, Hip Hop, dance, and gymnastics.
Category Dance & Martial Arts
Class Level All Levels
Class Type Ongoing
Age Type Teens & Adults
Age Range 12 and Up
Notes: Benefits: Students of all abilities and backgrounds will develop flexibility, natural strength, ryhthm, soul and spirit, will power, speed, excellent health, freedom of expression, and love for themselves and the world. For more information contact Jonathan at (617) 935-6188.

Available Sessions:
12:00 am 12:00 am